All-Purpose Copper


All-Purpose Copper

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Designed by podiatrists as an affordable alternative to custom orthotics, the All-Purpose Copper is great for people with low arches or roomy footwear. Replace your shoes' inserts with these supportive, effective orthotics today!


  • Memory foam to provide cushion and support, and treated with Moisturewck odor control
  • Made with a low arch to help stabilize the foot and reduce stress.
  • Accommodating heel cup for for stability and support
  • Stabilizer cap at base of insoles to support rearfoot and provide structure
  • Awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval


  • B fits women's shoe size size 4.5-6
  • C fits men's shoe size 5.5-7 and women's shoe size size 6.5-8 
  • D fits men's shoe size 7.5-9 and women's shoe size size 8.5-10 
  • E fits men's shoe size 9.5-11 and women's shoe size 10.5-12
  • F fits men's shoe size size 11.5-13
  • G fits men's shoe size size 13.5-15

Fit & Feel:

These insoles are made to be trimmed to fit your specific shoe size / shoe if need be. Simply trim the front of the insoles to your desire, preferably using a shoe insole you know is the right size as a guide.

Shoe Size Chart