Leather Salve
Leather Salve

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Leather Salve

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This deep-conditioning treatment is suitable for all types of leather to restore suppleness, luster, as well as help protect from future damage. Made from a moisturizing blend of shea butter and carnauba wax, this treatment is ideal for dehydrated, cracked, or lightly-scratched leather.

Net weight 2 oz.

Made in Portland, Oregon


    • Using a soft, clean, lint-free cloth, press and swirl cloth in the salve until it has a soft, smooth consistency
    • Apply to leather in small sections using circular motions until the entire shoe has been treated
    • Allow leather to fully absorb salve (let sit for 20-40 minutes)
    • Buff leather with soft lint-free cloth until waxy haze is gone
    • Reapply as often as necessary
    • Note: Temporary darkening may occur, but will return to original color within a few days
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