Primal 3
Primal 3


Primal 3

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 PLEASE NOTE: These shoes are unisex, with men's sizes shown first for each size option.

Calling all minimalist lovers! The ultra-lightweight Primal 3 may just be the sneaker you've been searching for. Built on a zero-drop platform with a wider outsole than the previous iteration, you'll feel everything you want to and none of what you don't. Shaped to fit the natural shape of the foot and crafted with vegan-friendly materials, happy feet are on your horizon.


  • Microfiber and mesh upper
  • Moisture-wicking removable cork insole
  • LemsRubber outsole for flexibility and traction
  • Zero-drop platform
  • Weight: 8.6 oz

Fit and Feel

Lems shoes are crafted to fit the natural shape of the foot for superior comfort.

Zero-drop platform places the forefoot and heel flat to the ground, correcting posture, aligning your spine, and encouraging mid-foot strike.

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