Why I love my coworkers

Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this, I felt like I needed to express it to the world!

I love my coworkers. I see their excitement when they have a connection with a customer. They light up when they are complimented about what they've worn to work that day because they take pride in how they look. When they spend a lot of time and energy into helping someone who thanks them and asks them for their name, it makes me grin from ear to ear because they take pride in how they work.

Retail is not easy. To be good at our job, we need to be patient, gracious, efficient, and thoughtful; it means navigating multiple needs at once, it means keeping a positive attitude no matter what curveballs we get thrown. Giving our customers alternatives for an item we are out of is thinking on our feet in action. We are on display for the whole store to watch and observe how we will behave. That's a lot of pressure! And yet, our team excels at it. 

This past year was no joke. We dealt with a pandemic, a reckoning with America's history of racial injustice, a heavy election cycle with polarizing viewpoints, and a series of destructive wildfires that claimed the homes of many of our loving customers. It was a difficult thing, to deal with all these emotionally and physically draining situations. There were times that work felt exceptionally challenging. But the loyalty and stability found from the relationships I have with my coworkers gave me a pep in my step. I found strength in their resilience and was continuously reminded of why I love working for Sockshop & Shoe Company. I get rewarded by watching how they thrive in the store, and how they adapt to the ever-changing times.

Although retail is not easy, I must say that it is much easier and more pleasant to work for Sockshop & Shoe Company because we have amazing customers. It is a wonderful thing, to put good out into the world and get good back. So a huge thank you to our customers for being so good to us all these years, and a huge thank you to my coworkers for being inspiring and funny and kind and cool as heck. You are the very best.

Love, Jenoah